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Nordlys brought to you by Candela

Eximia offers a wide variety of treatments using the latest world class technology.

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Candela Nordlys

Nordlys is the name of the light and laser medical system from Candela which provides treatments for many of the most in-demand aesthetic treatments: skin rejuvenation, sun damage, redness, flushing of Rosacea, small telangiectasias, acne.

Advanced technologies, enhanced appearance.

The Ellipse IPL™ is a broad spectrum of light that is emitted by an intense flash. Ellipse created a dual filter system that is used to remove unnecessary wavelength’s to selectively heat up and destroy a specific target without damaging the surrounding tissue. The light is absorbed by the targeted chromophore such as the melanin found in skin or other pigmented lesions and haemoglobin in small vessels.

We can treat the following conditions with the Nordlys IPL system


Vascular lesions

Ever wondered about that slight redness on your skin. Generally, vascular lesions are collections of dense, small blood vessels that are located in and below the skin’s surface. Often seen on the nose, chin and cheeks.


Photo Rejuvenation

A skin treatment performed by using intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat a variety of skin conditions. The Nordlys system can improve the effects of photoaging such as wrinkles, spots, and uneven texture.



The Nordlys™ system treats acne by reducing the blood supply to the sebaceous gland to slow down the production of sebum. The system delivers short, bursts of Ellipse IPL™ directed at the skin.

Photo Rejuvenation and Vascular Treatments


Sun Spots (1-5 Sun Spots)

1 Session: R 399

Half Face

1 Session: R 549.50

Full Face

1 Session: R 1 099

Face & Neck

1 Session: R 1 399

Face, Neck & Chest

1 Session: R 1 999

Upper Back

1 Session: R 1 499

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Photo Rejuvenation and Vascular Treatments


Full Back

1 Session: R 2 599


1 Session: R 799

Neck & Chest

1 Session: R 1 199


1 Session: R 499

Hands ( Both )

1 Session: R 599

Full Arm ( Both )

1 Session: R 1 499

Half Arm ( Both )

1 Session: R 1 099

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