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Micro-Needling & Needle-Free Fractional RF Technology

Clinical proven result, visible improvement on skin

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Dermatrix Duo Treatments

Eximia offers a wide variety of treatments using our state of the art GSD Dermatrix Duo treatment machine.

GSD Dermatrix Duo

Dermatrix duo is the latest generation of fractional RF system combining micro-needling and needle free fractional RF technology for skin resurfacing, scar treatment, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening etc. The delivered RF energy can penetrate into different layers of skin via controllable depth. As a non-laser therapy, Dermatrix Duo is suitable for all skin types, even for pigmented patients.
The insulated gold-coated needles of the microneedling applicator allows Radio frequency heat to be transferred by needle tips below the skin’s surface with precise control and depth. The gold-plated tips of the Fractionated Bi-polar RF applicator deliver current between the matrix pins and return electrodes to create microscopic thermal zones, (MTZ) produce potential healing effects to accelerate the collagen renewal and skin tissue remodelling. Good results are seen in wrinkle reduction and skin tightening.
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Clinical proven result, visible improvement after the first treatment

Dermatrix Duo treatments are:

Maximum dermal effect, low epidermis disruption

Visible results

Non-laser therapy, suitable for all skin types

Low complication & risk with minimal downtime


Fractional Radio Frequency Treatment

*Prices include tip

Frax Face

1 session : R 2 799

Purchase two additional sessions for R1500 each

Frax Face & Neck

1 session: R 3 200

Purchase two additional sessions for R1600 each

Frax Neck & Chest

1 session: R 2 799

Purchase two additional sessions for R1500 each

Scars Treatment

per 10 x 10 cm block

1 session: R 1 899

Purchase two additional sessions for R999 each

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*The treatment price shown is per session and doesn’t include all inclusive sessions.

Micro-Needling with Radio Frequency Treatment

*Prices include tip

Full Face

R 2 799

Neck & Chest

R 2 999


R 1 399

Spot Treatment

R 1 399


R 1 399

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