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Cleansing Complex


This clear, lightweight cleansing gel is powerful, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. CLEANSING COMPLEX incorporates a balance of bio-nutrients,
antioxidants, and mild resurfacing ingredients that thoroughly cleanse the surface and pores of the skin without stripping essential natural oils,
leaving skin soft and smooth. CLEANSING COMPLEX is excellent as a treatment step in professional facials and is very effective for removing makeup.
Excellent for all skin types and all ages, this product even helps with blemish-prone skin.

  • Deep-cleanses skin and pores without drying
  • Excellent for blemish-prone skin
  • Gives the appearance of smaller pores
  • Smooths and softens
  • Excellent for shaving
  • Paraben-free


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DESCRIPTION Lightweight, cleargel
RETAIL SIZE 60 mL , 180 mL
DOSAGE Small amount per application

• All skin types
• Acne-prone skin
• Large or congested pores
• Rough skin texture
• Pre- and post-procedure
• Aging skin
• Dry and sensitive skin



Cleansing Complex

180ml, 60ml


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